Gino Nalini

GNP_0192Born in Merano (South Tyrol, Italy) Gino came to Australia in 2002 a change which saw his passion for travel, people and photography integrate.

He has a natural talent to connect with a truth, a raw honesty, creating a depth and style which sees him capturing the true essence of the subject on camera. He believes everyone has that place in them of absolute beauty where what they feel inwardly is expressed purely through the light in their eyes.

” I realize success when a picture captures not only the memory, but the spirit, the vulnerability, the smell of the environment. I like to shoot people’s passion, their inner beauty, their story, what they have to teach. From them I learn, from what I see through the lens. Capturing the life of the subject, framed in the stillness of a moment.”

When Gino captures his subjects essence, he knows they are at that very moment living in the here and now, their mind isn’t in the past or the future. “I am only satisfied when I’ve captured people at this crucial moment, as fleeting as that may be; I always get to that place of connection” Gino’s unique Italian style has seen his work featured in Italian and Australian magazines and books.

His work was featured in an eight page spread in the prestigious photography cool culture magazine Black+White. Gino holds a strong presence in Italy and he is regularly commissioned as official photographer for special events. “My favorite picture is the picture I am going to take tomorrow!”

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